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I am a woman waiting for an apocalypse
One day, my howling children will pluck the stars from the sky
They will consume their heavenly bodies
and shit stardust for Aftertimes.

I am a woman waiting for an apocalypse
One day my erstwhile lover will captain a ship of the Dead to battle
They will fight the einherjar; dead will fight dead will fight dead
and my lover will kill, and be killed by his old foe.

I am a woman waiting for an apocalypse,
One day, the sea will roil with rage, my serpentine child rearing up for Revenge
Their life will be lost,
but Thor will fall dead within Nine steps.

I am a woman waiting for an apocalypse,
One day, the Chaos I bore will free himself, eyes blazing, jaws wide to catch up
the One Eyed One, swallowed whole
before he himself is torn asunder

I am a woman waiting for an apocalypse
One day, my daughter will open the gates wide
She will welcome her siblings, and
the dead will march back down the Hel-road home again

I am a woman waiting for an apocalypse,
One day, the crowing of Fjalar will rouse my children to the final battle.
Then, all debts will be paid,
In full, and in Blood.

I am a woman, waiting for an apocalypse,
One day, all I have seen will come to pass.
I bide my time in the East, with my wild children,
honing the blade of my knife.

I am a Woman.
Waiting for the Apocalypse.

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Waiting by Úlfdís is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Help Repair the Jotunmobile!

Help! On Saturday, 2/14 (the day before my birthday!) I was driving home from work, and lost control of my car in the snow, going down a hill which I hadn’t planned to be on (It was really nasty snow).

I lost control of my car, winged someone who had pulled over, and then stopped when my minivan hit the curb. The other car is fine, we were both fine (I hit my head but not badly), however my car…the alignment, headlight, some sort of belt, its all messed up, and there is nothing I can ignore and still have a functioning car.

Its going to be 1100$ to fix my car, and I certainly dont have that. I’m also in the process of planning to move this summer, and of course, dealing with the usual debt of someone my age.

The things I do have – good friends, runes, and  have two hands and a degree in massage therapy from the Swedish Institute.

If you want to help me, AND get a massage, my rate is $85 an hour/session for Swedish, Shiatsu, moxabustion treatments, and Guasha. Clearly, as I have no car, in call only. (I live in Philadelphia!)

However, if you would still like to be awesome and help, I am more than happy to offer gift certificates with no expiration date.

If you are interested in more than one massage, we can arrange a discount.

Gift certificates can be used both locally, or if we happen to wind up in the same place/same time, such as conventions (FSG folks: I will bring my mat or table with me if you’d like to claim your certificate there!)

I am also offering divination for donations (if you would like a donation, you can paypal me directly at, or use the gofundme account, and forward me your donation confirmation.)

I am fairly new to public divination. I use a set of wolfs bone Anglo-Saxon Futhorc to do rune readings. I also offer tarot readings with the Transparent Tarot  as well; but I have a stronger connection to the runes.

There is also a go fund me set up, where if you feel so inclined, you can donate any amount, or you can PayPal me as

My father cannot help me pay for these car repairs, as he’s just finished divorcing my horrible mother and has been more than supportive of me during my divorce as well.

I would only need to give 12 massages to be able to pay for these repairs; any I have set the gofundme at 1200, 100 more than the anticipated cost of the repairs, to offset the percentage the website takes. If I happen to raise more than 1200, it will go to defraying the other expenses I will incur not having my car.

I need this car both to get to and from work (the train is not an ideal solution, as i work in the burbs and live in the city) and to make sure I can get to and from my Kindred work, as I am our assistant Gythia. I do also have help with that right now, but would prefer not to strain my good relationship with my blood brother, much as he loves driving.

I’ve always believed in small acts of kindness making a huge difference in someone’s life, and do my best to pay kindness forward and help those who need, so hopefully, I’m right and there are folks who are kind enough to help me as well.

You may PM me here on Tumblr or email me directly for any futher details or questions.

The link for the Go Fund Me is here:

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