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Prayer to Heimdall


In 2013, in the middle of a terrible depression, I painted one wall going up the stairs to my previous apartment in huge rainbow panels, with a blue banister. All the other walls were sky blue, and got lighter as you went inside. (It looked awesome, but the truth was that I started to run out of paint so I cut it with white and started to become clouds!)

At the time, I had my feet firmly on Heathen path but I was not aware of the Jotuny nature of my Gods and my Blood. I felt like the Rainbow needed a guardian, and it seemed natural to call on Heimdall, so I also painted a mural of a ram for Him. The paint was mixed with paper upon which I had written a prayer to Him to help protect our home.

I don’t really work much with Heimdall these days – not even so much back then, really.  I never really felt Him there, and that’s fair. However, I came across the prayer recently in an old sketch book, and wanted to share it here.

Hail Heimdall, Guardian of the Bifrost!
Rig, friend of humanity and father of Kings,
Bless my home with your protection and wisdom.

Keep us safe and alert to trouble, so that we may be aware
And act to keep our home safe and frithful.

Hail Heimdall, Watchman of Asgard!


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