Isa and Dagaz – January

10 Jan
Isa and Dagaz – January

Some thoughts on Isa and Dagaz for January. Wardenheart is my Kindred, and I will be posting over there and reblogging those posts here occasionally as well.

Wardenheart Kindred

Back in 2014, I came across this post about Yuletide by Beth Wodandís. It was shortly after Yule had ended when I read it (I am constantly about 2 weeks behind everything on the internet!) but I was very interested in the idea of a 12 night draw of runes to get a glimpse at the year a head.  This year, I made sure I did this for Wardenheart! I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see what kind of information each rune will give regarding each month.  I plan to write up all of the entries in the next few weeks and post them all each month.

I would love any insights folks might have to share and I hope we can discuss them in the comments.

Of course, things don’t always go as planned. And January with it’s two runes, did just that.  The primary rune…

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