Community Warning: A reblog from Tumblr regarding Nornoriel Lokason

12 Oct

I have not personally interacted with this person, but have been tangentially aware of them through the greater Heathen community, under the name Nonoriel. (Previous names include: Svartesol, Sigrun Ealdor-Thegn, Sigrun-Svartesol Freyskona, Siggy, Nornoriel Vanyahildë, Nornoriel Hóvanel, Nornoriel Lokisdottir, Sebastian Lokason and likely others) I hadn’t put all the pieces together that this was a person who had caused problems directly in my community due to the varying names they used. The OP’s account is disturbing, but the comments make it even worse – particularly the claims to Godhood/being a shard of a God etc.

Personally, I gave them no credit due to the wild inappropriateness of most of their work and the constant references to elf-cock. It all seemed off and I’m glad I gave their shop no business. They seem to spin a good yarn about being ousted from every community they’re been in and gain sympathy and assistance that way, and ingratiate themselves with groups and communities before burning them hard. A good reminder that if a person has been shunned or ousted from MULTIPLE communities? The common denominator is THEM.

Please follow the link below for Felix’s account of their time living with Lokason, and definitely explore the notes and comments – its gets weird. (They claim they are a shard of Lilith as well!)


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3 responses to “Community Warning: A reblog from Tumblr regarding Nornoriel Lokason

  1. Felix "Da'at" Warren

    October 12, 2015 at 5:38 pm

    Reblogged this on Da'at Ass.

  2. weihekrieger

    July 3, 2016 at 12:15 am

    Nornoriel/Sebastian Lokason is just the latest pseudonym of Kristi Lovering. When I knew Kristi, she was living in Mission Viejo, California and was dating/cohabitating with a (male) friend of mine, and rather than playing her latest angle of being transgender, she was playing the Aspergers angle for all it was worth, was using the name Nornoriel Vanyahildë, and passing herself off as a priestess of Frey (I attended an offering to Frey she officiated in 2010.) The last thing I heard about Kristi was that she was moving to Oregon to live with friends, and well, I guess that’s where Felix’s story with Nornoriel begins. From what I’ve observed over time, Kristi tends to reinvent herself every now & then, which always seems to include some angle she can play as a victim of some kind or another in order to ingratiate herself to others in order to exploit them.. As I recall, Kristi lived in Connecticut prior to relocating to Southern California to live with my friend (I won’t name him here, because I have no desire to embarrass him over this whole matter), and so there are possibly more than a few stories about Kristi on that side of the country to be found if one goes looking. Looking back now, it’s apparent that those of us who treated Kristi as a friend had absolutely no idea who she really was, because even back then, she wove tale after tale about how she’d been “abused” by this community or that back on the east coast,, and apparently, she’s continued with this pattern wherever she goes.

    Just to remove any doubt in your mind that I’m speaking of Nornoriel/Sebastian Lokason, this is an image of the person I knew as Kristi Lovering, also known as Nornoriel Vanyahildë here in Southern California

    If this person comes near your community, I strongly encourage you to shun her/him.

    -Hildolf Von Eisenwald


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