How we speak to the gods

12 Sep

Source: How we speak to the gods


I very much *want* to be silent when talking to my Gods. I am a private person, and feeling in any way performative is uncomfortable for me. I do firmly agree that the Gods can hear us regardless of how we speak to them, if we speak with intent. But personally I find that when I do talk to them aloud, its better for all of us.

I figure, weird as it feels, if I can talk aloud with my cats (which very much does help our relationships – my little men talk back to me), then I can give my Gods the same courtesy. Plus, there is a certain weight to words. Some things have to be said aloud. And with conversational prayer, where I sit down in front of my shrine and talk to my Lady, yields very different results than silent prayer.

There is a lot of power in speaking aloud – sometimes words slip out of my mouth I hadn’t realized I was thinking; sometimes while speaking to Her, she uses my own mouth to speak back to me.

And perhaps, as a former Catholic, I still find comfort in saying the same prayers over and over and over; praying aloud puts me in a very lovely trance state the longer it goes on, which I find makes me more receptive to Their voices.

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