Why I Am Not an Heathen (Though I Kind of Wish That I Could Be)

27 Jun

Well, said, though I hesitate to STOP calling myself a Heathen for many of these reasons.

I am a Northern Tradition Pagan, and I AM A HEATHEN.

Because I will NOT let drunken frat boys wearing viking clothing, racist asshattatru, queer bashing assholes (Freyer. His Priests. ITS IN THE GODDAMN LORE. Read a book asshattatru), UPG haters and those Heathens that shit on other pagans be the face of Heathery.

That is NOT who we are, and that is NOT who our Gods are, and I will not let them tarnish the name Heathenry and break frith like this. I will not let them sully the Hospitality Heathens are (and should be) known for.

So even though they don’t want me (I worship the ‘wrong’ Gods, being Angrboda’s woman) I will still call myself a Heathen because I will not let them sully our name.

Pagan Church Lady

This (long) post has been a long time coming.  I’ve referenced my feelings about personal background and development in some other articles and have been spending a lot of time trying to explore myself in relation to the modern Pagan movement and Heathenry.  Although the title was inspired by Bertrand Russel’s piece “Why I am Not A Christian” I won’t, as he does, seek to deconstruct the idea of a particular deity.  I will, as he does, explain why the values expressed in the religion in question do not fit mine, and why that leaves me in a difficult place.

Let me begin by explaining that I’ve had a love for the Aesir and Vanir since childhood.  I first read of them in children’s fiction when I was four or five and rapidly advanced to reading more adult storybooks about them.  Later on I discovered source material like the Eddas…

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