An article on the power of meditation

27 Jun

I like this example of a ‘fast’ meditation from my kinsman’s practice. And of course, I rarely pass up a mention of my Mother and Her children.

As well, I have found great benefit in basically forcing myself into a daily meditation practice. I often struggle with daily practice, and worked my way through T. Thorn Coyle’s “Crafting a Daily Practice“, which really really helped. (Her other book, “Kissing the Limitless” was a good addition as well. My only quibble is that Crafting a Daily Practice referred to page numbers, which were off, rather than the titles of the exercises suggested. So who knows if I was doing what she wanted, but either way it worked!)

Each morning, I strive to start my day with 9 four fold breaths, followed by candle gazing, sitting in silence and journaling – my goal is ten minutes of each, though on a day I’m in a rush, i’ll do 5. However carving out that part of my day to do 20-40 minutes of personal work has been invaluable. It really does even me out and make me calmer, nicer and more centered through out the day.

I also work in my centering and grounding to this exercise – I spent 2-5 minutes centering during the candle gazing, and 2-5 during the eyes closed sitting to do my grounding.

I count my breaths on a string of beads, which will be updated and re-created soon to make them a set of meditation beads/reminders. I like having a touch stone to work with.


I find that even five minutes a day tied to longer term work is beneficial.

As this keeps coming up, my fast meditation is:

1) Remove shoes

2) Optional reading (Could be almost anything from the Havamal to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to poetry to Frankenstein.)

3) 9 deep breaths in and out and 9 “Heimdall, Himdallr, Vindler, Rig”

4) 4 deep breaths in and out and 4 “Freya, Lady, Vanadis”

5) 9 deep breaths in and out and:

Hermod, Hel rider

Hermod, Sleipnir rider

Hermod, Nine Days rider

Hermod, Nine Nights rider

Hermod, Frigga’s rider

Hermod,  Frigga’s speaker

Hermod, Brave rider

Hermod, Dark rider

Hermod, Hel rider (sometimes 3 times)

6) 7 deep breaths followed by:

The Hag of the Iron Wood had three children,

And the daughter was death,

The son was destruction,

And the third encircled the world.

Roots of a mountain


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