Discrimination in the Workplace — thoughtful article at WildHunt

06 Jun

Late to the game on this, but I have to say, I’m impressed with the way my job has handled my faith. I have little shrines on my desk that no one say anything about (very subtle ones though). I either chose not to discuss religion, or I am careful to whom I am out, but I’m not shy about it either.

A friend of mine recently started working here, and folks have asked her what my deal is, as I cover my hair but am clearly not Jewish or Muslim (I eat way too much bacon). She does tell them (after she checked with me) that I am a polytheist (or, “Super Viking!” as she puts it). Only one person was like “Ugh, like demons?” and she said no and explained what it was, and that temp hasn’t said shit. She’s always nice, actually.

Plus, when I ran out of time off after being ill, my office manager and HR have been more than accomodating in making sure I can get the time off I need (even if it has to be unpaid if I haven’t the time accrued) as I am the assistant Gythia of my Kindred, and kinda need to be there. We had to get official letters and stuff, but HR has been fabulous about it.

I find that what works for me is this: I never deny my religion, my faith or my Gods – that would be unwise. But I also don’t always feel the need to be in folks faces about it. Much like being kinky, poly and queer – these are things I always am, but I don’t need to bring all my partners to the holiday party, wear my assless chaps on casual Friday, or Galdr in the lunchroom.

But I will not be ashamed of any of these things.

Gangleri's Grove

WildHunt has an interesting article about discrimination in the workplace here. It’s worth a read. I’ve always chosen to be out as a polytheist. I don’t ever want to be in the position where I can be blackmailed about it, nor do I see it as something to hide. There’s also a didactic function inherent in being out, even if only very quietly so. Still, I’ve been discriminated against on the basis of my religion at work many times: I’ve had bibles left piled up all over my office, I’ve had my office vandalized. Both times I knew it was a fundy christian working at the same department. They were not disciplined by management at all and I was told to forget about it.  I’ve been isolated and alienated from social functions at work. I’ve had verbal harassment. I’m pretty sure it cost me a job. I know it…

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