Deity and the Divine: Poetry

18 Mar

Its been a crazy few weeks! I’m working 6 hour days because along with getting my car repairs taken care of, I am moving as well! The go fund me and necklace sales helped me put together about 2/3 – 3/4 what I needed! That and the over time mean the Jotunmobile will ride again! Whats been getting me through the past few weeks of hard-working have been my faith, and poetry.

In the Northern Tradition, poetry is a Thing. One of the many things Odin gained in his quest for knowledge was the Mead of Poetry, drop of which fell to Midgarth on his flight back to Asgard, those precious drops which provide inspiration to our poets. Odin’s own son, Bragi, is a God of Poetry. It was the love of poetry which caused Snorri Sturlsson to write down the stories from which we learned many tales of our gods.

We are an oral tradition at heart, our poems at their best when recited or read aloud, given the weight of voice. Sumble, one of our most sacred rituals is a formal, ceremonial toasting ritual, which historically took place with honey mead in our horns, representing both the well of wyrd and the sacred mead of poetry.

We are lucky as a tradition to be blessed with great poets, and to be in a time when they are able to share their gifts with us from all corners of the world.

I’d like to share a few of my favourite poems which are either about or remind me of, Angrboda.

Hag of the Ironwood – Seawalker

This poem ends with a phrase that has always hit home with me, and which I incorporate into my prayers.

Whatever it is that Life gives you, she says to me,
Do not let it take you down,
Until, at last, it takes you down.


Elizabeth Vongvisith has written some of my favourite poems regarding Mrs. A, and has several volumes of poetry available, such as Be Thou My Hearth and Shield: Poetry In the Northern Tradition, and other available here through Asphodel Press

Prayer to Angrboda for the Gift of Will – This is probably my favourite poem ever. This \hit me like a kick in the teeth.

Angrboda’s Lament

A Call to Angrboda


Another hands down favourite poem is The First Lesson, by Maris Pái. This one was not written specifically about Angrboda, but it strikes a strong chord with me, and its one I have hand written into my devotional book of poems for Mrs. A.


Michaela Macha is another wonderful poet, who maintain’s the collection of Northern Tradition Poetry, Odin’s Gift



Over on Heart of Jarnvidr, my devotional tumblr, along with images I post various poems and quotes which remind me of or are about Angrboda, tagged here.

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