22 Nov

“So I offer this prayer, for those just finding their way:

May you lay yourselves down upon the forge
your Gods have wrought,
knowing the tempering to be found there
essential and good.
May you find satisfaction and joy
in the honing.
May you not break.
May you find wholeness
and liberation
in the process of restoration.
May you have the insight
to do whatever you must do
in order to take up the threads
your ancestors laid down.
May you be strengthened
in your souls and in this work.
May you endure.”

Gangleri's Grove


We have to have steel to do this work. in our blood, in our bone, in our souls, there must be a core of steel. There must be that which will not be bowed, will not be turned, will not be broken before the challenges, sometimes quite painful challenges, that are part and parcel of restoration. We must have at our core the steel to persevere. If we do not, we are at best confused, tangled, and ultimately useless, and at worst impediments to all the work that needs to be done. We must be ready to be brutal in our purpose, in our commitment to our purpose even with ourselves, perhaps most especially with ourselves, to eat sacrifice daily, and to plod step by bitter step in the direction our Gods have set.

I was thinking about this today, thinking about young people with whom I work–they’re lovely, deeply…

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